Altitude of 3,776 meters above sea level
Japan's number one mountain that you want to climb once in your lifetime
Mt. Fuji

There are four main climbing trails in Mt. Fuji and it is common to climb from the 5th Station.  Each trail with individuality is connected to the summit.

4 Trails

  • Yoshida: Ginza street in Mt. Fuji

  • Fujinomiya: Steep and rocky but shortest

  • Subashiri: Descend like gliding

  • Gotemba: Hard for even those experienced in climbing

Note: The above is in descending order of the number of climbers. In stark contrast to the top two, the bottom two together accounted for only 16% of the total number of climbers in 2018. This is not to say, however, that they are less appealing compared with other two, rather being poorly served by mass public transportation and lack of ample paved parking for motor coaches are main reasons, which is nothing to do with the trails themselves.

While your Japan travel itinerary before and after the climb may have a great influence over your choice of a climbing route, Fujisan Curator encourages you to challenge the trail you want to climb because this will be your commemorable first (and probably last) Mt. Fuji climbing.
Experience you will have in climbing Mt. Fuji is different per each ascending and descending trail and route.

In 2019 season, Fujisan Curator continues to feature two far less-climbed trails - Subashiri and Gotemba (lighter route though).

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