2-Day Mt. Fuji Climbing Private Tour - Subashiri Trail

Varied landscapes on the eastern route. Ascend the luscious green trail and descend straight the 'Sunabashiri' volcanic gravel trail.

Tour Description

Pilgrimage above the clouds. Guided by a local Fujisan expert, take a private journey to the sacred summit of Mt. Fuji, the soul of Japanese people and the symbol of Japanese culture.

Climbing Mt. Fuji is more than just reaching the summit! Along your climb you will witness spectacular scenery, discover unique vegetation, get immersed in the history of worship and local culture, and awaken your senses with famous Mt. Fuji sunrises.

Indulge in the charms of Mt. Fuji at your own pace. The private Mt. Fuji tour allows you to personalize your experience, with the knowledge and security of a local tour guide.
Having Mt. Fuji in the center of your consciousness, experience the spirituality and culture of Mt. Fuji in an integrated manner.



  • Hike through the forest zone surrounded by the lush alpine plants and trees, and birds song. The tree line at 2,700 m is highest among Mt. Fuji climbing trails.

  • Slide straight down the striking 'Sunabashiri' trail on your descent, a 3-km trail of volcanic gravel

  • Indulge in the stunning Mt. Fuji sunrise viewable from any location on the trail above the tree line

  • Experience the Subashiri Tainai lava cave (shrine), visited by Fujiko worshippers - a faith that worships Mt. Fuji



Remember, this is a private tour. While following itinerary of two-day journey is designed by a specialized local Mt. Fuji guide, it can be customized to your personal interests and needs.

Day 1: Subashiri Trail 5th Station – Subashiri Trail 7th Station

The day starts when you are greeted by your local Mt. Fuji guide at the Subashiri Trail 5th Station, located at an altitude of 1,970 meters. You will start your ascent from here at around 1:00PM. To allow acclimatization to the high altitude, the hike for the first day will reach up to the 7th Station on the Subashiri climbing trail. It will take about 4.5 hours by walking slowly at a constant pace.
Along the climb, you will experience the green forest on the slopes of Mt. Fuji. If you are in luck, you may witness the rare sight of 'Kage Fuji', the unusual phenomenon of Mt. Fuji's shadow being cast out far toward east in the late afternoon.
Upon arrival at the 7th Station, you will check-in to your mountain hut, located at approximately 3,200 meters. Here, you will enjoy dinner and stay overnight. Spend some time enjoying night views of the vast world below and the sky before resting for the second day.

Day 2: Subashiri Trail 7th Station – Summit – Subashiri Trail 5th Station

The second day begins with a stunning sunrise. You can see it from anywhere on the Subashiri climbing trail. Enjoy the stunning views over the horizon, along with a light breakfast at the hut, before continuing your ascent.
At 6:00AM, you will continue to climb Mt. Fuji for about 3 hours to reach the summit.
Upon reaching the top, take your time to feel the thrill of those that complete the arduous climb and experience spectacular panoramic views above the clouds.

Following a 1-hour stay at the summit, begin your descent back to the 5th Station at 10:00AM. On your way down the descending trail, you can appreciate magnificent views of the mountain slopes and the surrounding landscapes.
Arrive at the Subashiri trail 5th Station at approximately 2:00PM. After relaxing for a while, the tour ends here.

Optional Add-On

On Day 2, after reaching the summit, you may want to extend your time at the top of Mt. Fuji and continue to Ohachimeguri. The sacred route takes about 2 hours making a full circle in a clockwise direction around the huge crater at the summit. This is a pilgrimage route in a sacred area called Naiin.
There are eight peaks that circle the summit, so it is often called Hachiyo (eight petals) to symbolize the lotus flower, or the seat upon which the Buddha sits. For ancient pilgrimages, Ohachimeguri was the ultimate goal, and today, you can follow in their steps in experiencing this stunning and spiritual climb.




Tour Information

Private tour (single booking) for up to 6 persons

Season: July (early summer) through September (early autumn)

Price: From JPY 148,000/tour

Duration: 2 days

Starts/Ends: Subashiri Trail 5th Station in Oyama town, Shizuoka


  • Guiding by a local Mt. Fuji climbing guide

Not Included:

  • Lodging and meals charges (Fujisan Curator will book a mountain hut for you on your behalf)

  • Public transportation between the foot of Mt. Fuji and the 5th Station

  • Mountain climbing fee

  • Miscellaneous personal expenses such as food, drink and souvenirs


Additional Information

Personal tour/travel planning and consultation is provided in each stage: pre-, in-, post-tour.

Adequate physical strength and fitness are essential to enjoy this mountain climbing tour.
Climbing Mt. Fuji is a strenuous activity.


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