Fujiko Pilgrims Path Hiking Private Tour - Yoshida Trail

Alternative Mt. Fuji climbing. Follow the path of Fujiko pilgrims on Yoshida trail, the historical climbing route filled with Mt. Fuji religious faith.


Tour Description

There is more to climbing Mt. Fuji than just aiming for the summit! The 6-hour hiking tour traces the history of Mt. Fuji faith by following the path of Fujiko pilgrims on Yoshidaguchi Climbing Trail, the historical climbing route which is also listed on the selection of 100 historical routes in Japan.

The Mt. Fuji is traditionally divided into three zones from its base to its summit:

  1. Kusa-yama or the grassy area which is said to represent the mundane world;

  2. Ki-yama or the forest area up to the forest line which represents the transient area between this world and the world of the gods; and

  3. Yake-yama or the "burned" area up to the summit that is covered by volcanic lapillus, and is said to represent the realm of the gods, Buddha, and death,

and you will ascend the trail in Ki-yama zone from Umagaeshi to the 5th Station and worship at a shrine there to complete your climb.

The spirit of the unique Mt. Fuji-climbing worship remains alive today and you can still see religious artifacts such as small shrines, stone Buddhist images, stone monuments with inscriptions along the old path.
There are many ways to enjoy climbing Mt. Fuji without having to reach the summit. For those not considering their climb to the summit, this will provide enjoyable experience connecting you with Mt. Fuji as World Cultural Heritage.




Tour Information

Private tour (single booking) for up to 6 persons

Season: April through November

Price: From JPY 42,000/tour

Duration: 6 hours

Starts: Fujisan (Mt. Fuji) station in Fujiyoshida city, Yamanashi
Ends: Mt. Fuji (Fuji Subaru Line) 5th Station in Fujiyoshida city, Yamanashi


  • Guiding

Not Included:

  • Public transportation from Fujisan (Mt. Fuji) station to Umagaeshi

  • Miscellaneous personal expenses such as food, drink and souvenirs

Suitable for those who:

  • Like outdoor activities

  • Have adequate physical strength to hike up climbing trails in the forest


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