Limited occasions and winter time only!

Best Fujisan view guided tours to watch glorious 'Diamond Fuji' are available now.

What is 'Diamond Fuji'?
It is the special phenomenon where at the moment that the sun and the top of Mt. Fuji overlap, the light of the sunrise or sunset shines from the peak, creating a diamond like spectacular brilliance. In the winter months, you can view this special phenomenon at its best.

I climbed a mountain early in the morning on New Year's Day to observe the first sunrise in 2015 as a form of Diamond Fuji [the above photo]. Although it had light snow during the night on New Year's Eve, it was fine in the morning with clear sky and I could enjoy the Diamond Fuji.

Position and time to watch Diamond Fuji are interrelated and conditions change every day. So, join me on the tours and let me take you to the places to personally experience the best Fujisan view.