The very popular "Chureito Pagoda" in Arakurayama Sengen Park is firmly on your agenda and you travel to Shimoyoshida, ... Shimoyoshida Station of Fujikyuko Line in most cases.
You are wrong about Shimoyoshida!

It's a quiet and old traditional neighborhood in Fujiyoshida city, not just a name of a train station. The area still has the feel of the prosperous good-old days, 1950's and 1960's era nostalgia, and has provided the setting for many dramas and movies. A shopping arcade with shops, cafes with a retro look and labyrinthine side streets ... you will feel like you were taken back in time to the nostalgic era of 50-60 years ago. Also views of Mt. Fuji over the arcade will appeal to your sentiments.

The heart of Shimoyoshida is the area between Gekkoji and Shimoyoshida Stations and you will arrive there easily and straight by taking Fujikyuko Line and getting off at either station. Alternatively, you come down from Kamiyoshida area, the town of Oshi Pilgrim's Inn, toward north.

During 1950's and 1960's, Fujiyoshida prospered with its textile industry and the industry was centered in Shimoyoshida. Many merchants also gathered at markets to trade textiles. After business, they enjoyed the nightlife around the Gekkoji area which became a social center and streets of Nishiura were lively with merchants and industry workers for entertainment.
Among the many shops and other businesses which were once there, some old ones have remained in business while many others have become cafes, restaurants, etc. or closed down. The neighborhood today still retains what used to be when it prospered with its textile industry. Many narrow streets and alleys of that era filled with unique wooden houses, corrugated sheet metal houses, rusted siding, mortar buildings, rows of sheet metal walls, and old signboards still remain and give the area its unique atmosphere.
The sky high above is dominated by Mt. Fuji and its magnificence stands beyond the electric wires. Omuro Sengen Shrine and Gekkoji Pond are also in the neighborhood and provide pockets of open and silent space.

In early November a photography community walk was held in Shimoyoshida and I participated in this one-day photography workshop conducted by a photo instructor from Ricoh Imaging. Strolling through the streets, nostalgic scenes over the arcade can be found in many places throughout the area. Some of the many cafes and shops are housed in restored buildings.

Shimoyoshida is an attractive neighborhood worth visiting. Explore the area by your own foot and spend a unique and nostalgic time in this area.
If you are not sure of this, please feel free to request a community guided walk of 'Shimoyoshida'. It's free of charge!