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Sake brewery guided tour: 2019 "Kurabiraki" open day

Experience the 26th Annual Kainokaiun 'Kurabiraki' and enjoy the seasonal festivities in winter.

Tour Description

Enjoy festive 2019 ‘Kurabiraki’!

This 2-hour private guided tour visits the 26th Annual Kainokaiun 'Kurabiraki' open day at Ide sake brewery.

Located at the northern foot of Mt. Fuji, Ide brewery, the brewer of Japanese sake Kainokaiun, has operated for over 300 years since the Edo period and prospered as one and only sake brewery in Fuji Five Lakes region.

What is "Kurabiraki"?
It's a sake brewery's annual open day event, festivities celebrating the brewing of new sake. Since ancient times, sake breweries have invited people to their cellars on a lucky day at the beginning of the year, traditionally in February in Mt. Fuji area, and held a variety of events such as introducing sake brewing process and tasting the year's new sake.

You participate and enjoy many fun activities organized by the brewery and your tour guide is right with you for communication/interpretation. With (or without?) the help of sake, you may find yourself mingling with other Japanese locals there.



  • Touring the brewery through sake brewing process with detailed explanation by the chief brewer

  • Sake tasting quiz to enjoy and judge the variety

  • Fresh new brew of sake to taste and Kurabiraki limited sake also available

  • Enjoy warm 'Kasujiru', soup made with sake lees

  • Various dishes/foods to sample at stalls set up by locals

  • Receive 'Choku', a sake cup, and souvenir at the venue




Tour Information

Private tour (single booking) for up to 6 persons

Season: Winter

Price: From JPY 12,000/tour

Duration: 2 hours

Starts/Ends: Kawaguchiko Station in Fujikawaguchiko town, Yamanashi


  • Guiding

Not Included:

  • Admission fee of JPY 500 (free for children under 12), Payable at the venue

  • Miscellaneous personal expenses such as food, drink and souvenirs

Suitable for:

  • Adults over 20 as the tour involves sake tasting, i.e. alcohol drinking


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